LibreHacker's Capsule

Welcome to my Gemini capsule. Here you will find three gemlogs, one about computer programming and electronics; one about studies in the original languages of the Bible; and my wife's gemlog, mainly about our family and homemaking. You can also find some local reviews for my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.


Christopher Howard

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

About Me



Star Log (Amateur Astronomy)

Your Word ( דְבָרֶךָ )

Small Steps (Emily's Gemlog)

Other Capsule Pages

Music I enjoy

Local reviews (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Javascript, the Web Browser, and Computing Freedom

Software I Don't Use

Programming Projects on Codeberg

My repositories

Interesting Links

Organizations I Support

The Free Software Foundation

The Institute for Creation Research

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

Preferred/Promoted Operating System

GNU Guix

Logging Policy

I have disabled IP address logging on this server. Only a generic record of each page request is kept so I can know how much traffic I am getting.

Contact Information

My e-mail address:

christopher .AT. librehacker .DOT. com

Libera IRC


I usually can be found logged in to #forth.

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