Here are some music albums I like. A lot of my music I pick up as CDs from the local second-hand store. Some music I've downloaded from bandcamp. I don't like using the javascript on bandcamp, but so far it is the best option I've seen for downloading recently-produced DRM-free music files.

I've found that, for enjoying any digitally recorded music, the quality of your sound-system makes a huge difference in the experience. I was able to find a good speaker system for my desktop computer at the local second-hand store, and so I have been enjoying a lot of music lately in the evenings in my study room.


For me, the appeal of Celtic music is in its natural, wholesome beauty.

- Celtic Devotion, Oliver Schroer

- Celtic Escape

- Too Long Away, Emily Smith

- A Day Without Rain, Enya


Since I was able to get a better sound system, I have been rediscovering a lot of classical music and pleasant instrumental work.

- Italian Wine Country, Peter Ostroushko

- Music: An Appreciation, Sixth Brief Edition (Classical Compilation)

- Piano by Candlelight (classical compilation)


I found this CD album of harp instrumentals at a second hand store: some of the tracks have a deep, haunting beauty.

- There is a Fountain, Dena & Joanna Marini (harp instrumentals)


I enjoy some chiptune music, partially out of nostalgia for my 8-bit video gaming days, and partially due to the purity and complexity of the synthesized sound. I have some reservations about promoting chiptune, due to a lot of it sounding like dance and party pop music which I find distasteful. But picking and choosing, I have found a lot of composition which I enjoy.

- Pop Singles Compilation 2014, Rolemusic

- Straw Fields, Rolemusic

- United Simesky Institutes

- Retro Grooves Vol. 1, Anders Enger Jensen

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