Coleco Video Game System Screenshots

This post has the screenshots I promised in this article:

Coleco Video Game System Handheld

To get these screenshots, I used a BR116 composite video capture USB device, which converts Composite Video/Audio into a V4L2 interface over USB, which then can be displayed on my Guix desktop. It allows me to play the handheld from VLC, instead of directly on a monitor, though I have been having trouble with figuring out the audio.

Opening Screen Shot 0

Opening Screen Shot 1

Opening Screen Shot 2

Opening Screen Shot 3

Game Selection

Difficulty Selection

Baseball Game

Basketball Game

Football Game

Hockey Game

Raquetball Game

Soccer Game

Here is a brief, somewhat choppy video clip capture with Gnome Cheese. There is for some reason a 1kHz tone in the recording — perhaps a reference tone.


These graphics definitely aren't stunning for a 2005 product. But I feel that the chief problem with the product was not the graphics, but rather the non-intuitive controls and game play.

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