Mecrisp Forth Terminal Settings

This is what works for me, connecting to Mecrisp Forth on my Rpi Pico, through a picoprobe.

The "ascii-xfr" part is how I am sending code files to Mecrisp to be compiled - rather than doing a copy and paste. When in Picocom, use C-a C-s to send a file. Of course, you can still just type in code when desired.

The "-l 100" part is for adding a 100 ms delay after each line is sent. This seems to fix a problem I had with losing some of the words which are sent.

The "imap" part is for translating the LF end-of-line character, outputted by Mecrisp, to CRLF. Otherwise after pressing the return key, the terminal does not go back to the beginning of the line.

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