Pink TI-84+ (Silver Ed.) Restoration

I found a TI-84+ at the local second-hand store (Value Village) for $5.99. I've been looking for this particular model for a while, although I didn't particularly want a pink one.

I was disappointed to find out that it wouldn't power on, even with the batteries replaced. After taking it apart, however, I found that the battery holder contact boards on the PCB were pretty badly crusted over with battery acid. Here is a picture of it taken apart (after Mike and I scraped the acid off the pads):

Pink TI-84+ (Silver Ed.) partially disassembled

After removing the crust, the calculator powers up fine. Here is picture of it powered on (with the pink cover still detached):

Pink TI-84+ (Silver Ed.) powered up

I am interested in this particular model because somebody wrote a Forth machine for TI-84+:



Alaskalinuxuser, 2021-11-18

I wonder if you can spray paint the pink plastic cover while it is off? ;)

Christopher Howard, 2021-11-18

The problem with that is that some of the alternate key values are printed onto the plastic key cover.

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