Punyforth asciinema cast

I loaded a new FORTH, Punyforth, unto a ESP-01S Wi-Fi module, which houses an ESP8266EX chip with 512 KB of memory. I also happened to be experimenting with a snazzy program called "asciinema", which is like a screen recording program, bought records terminal activity instead. Here is the link to the cast file:

Punyforth Asciinema Cast

To play it, you must install asciicast, download the cast file, and run

Punyforth, while not having the most inspiring name ever invented, is an interesting FORTH which runs on ESP8266 chips. I haven't tried too much of the functionality yet, but it comes with a module for utilitizing the chips Wi-Fi capabilities. It has an onboard interpreter and compiler as all FORTH should. However, for new words to be saved across reboots, you must load the words into flash using the flash.py program which comes with Punyforth.

Punyforth is "licensed" with a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.


Alaskalinuxuser, 2021-07-29

Interesting. There was the Fatal Error in the middle, was the flash successful or not? Also, watching with asciinema was pretty cool!

librehacker, 2021-07-29

Flashing seems to have worked fine, as demonstrated by the words being available after chip reset. I often see this packet error, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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