News Notes (publ. 2024-03-07)

I collect a lot URLs of that seem relevant to Biblical Creationism and also Israel, in science and political news. I'm going to try to share them occasionally in batches.


white dwarf stars

re: age of the universe

Discovery tests theory on cooling of white dwarf stars

white dwarfs are routinely used as age indicators

This new discovery will not only require that astronomy textbooks be revised but will also require that astronomers revisit the process they use to determine the age of stellar populations

dead galaxy at only 700 mA

re: JWST observations continue to surprise and confuse standard model

Astronomers spot oldest 'dead' galaxy yet observed


chloroplast RNA polymerase modeled

re: amazing irreducible complexity of chloroplast RNA polymerase

Photosynthetic secrets come to light

It was discovered 50 years ago that chloroplasts contain their own unique RNA polymerase. Since then, scientists have been surprised how complex this enzyme is. It has more subunits than its ancestor, the bacterial RNA polymerase, and is even bigger than human RNA polymerases. The Webster group wanted to understand why chloroplasts have such a sophisticated RNA polymerase.

Dr Webster said: "We know that each component of the chloroplast RNA polymerase has a vital role because plants that lack any one of them cannot make photosynthetic proteins and consequently cannot turn green.


Islamic terror groups call for attacks on Israelis abroad during Ramadan

Terrorists planning to hit Israelis abroad during Ramadan, warns National Security Council

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