Emacs: Starting Gemlog Entries Faster (publ. 2024-02-12)

A great thing about gemtext is it is so simple I don't need a CMS. But it was still taking me a minute or two to create the new gemtext file on the server, as I had to login, navigate to the correct directory, and type a file name with the correct date and sequence number. I use a sequence number in my system in case there is more than one post a day. Naturally, the solution for me was an Emacs function.

Here is the function doing most of the work which finds, over SSH, the next unused path in my file naming scheme:

True lispy recursion going on there. Next is a function that actually creates the file:

I have several gemlogs, but they are found at the same root directory, so I pass in the name of the specific gemlog directory. Finally I made a convenient interactive function to call it for a specific gemlog:

So, now I just call make-new-starlog-entry (through Helm) to start a new starlog gemlog post. I'm working on another function that will add the entry to the gemfeed index, and some other convenience functions.

This work © 2024 by Christopher Howard is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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