Tanana River Curiosities

During my walks by the Tanana River, I'm growing accustomed now to seeing an abundance of a dozen or so familiar wild flowers. However, I came across one small patch which I wasn't familiar with:

Siberian Aster (photo)

At first I thought it might be some kind of "fleabane", but my sister helped identify it as Siberian Aster.

Siberian Aster (Wikipedia)

I have also a few photos from last week, which I finally got uploaded. Here is some interesting Purple Clover:

Purple Clover photo A

Purple Clover photo B

Purple Clover (field guide)

A friend helped me identify these white flowers as "white sweet clover":

White Sweet Clover

And here is some river scenery I shot after a long walk down a trail I hadn't visited before:

river scenery

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