Tanana River Trail Photos 2023-06-06 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

I took these photos yesterday during my lunch-break walk.

Here are some fluffy catkins:

catkins exhibit A

catkins exhibit B

I got one shot of this dragonfly. I tried to get closer, but it flew away.


These purple flowers were growing all along the trail. It appears to be a "vetch" (Vicia) but I'm hesitant to guess which species.

flowers exhibit A

flowers exhibit B

flowers exhibit C

These patterns in the Tanana river silt were interesting:

silt patterns exhibit A

silt patterns exhibit B

This last week, the new growth has been popping out on the spruce trees. Having never paid much attention to spruce trees before this year, I had assumed that branches and needles just slowly grew out during over the course of the year. But instead it seems that these bud-like things pop out a few weeks after the start of spring:

spruce growth exhibit A

spruce growth exhibit B

And here are some Tamarak branches:

tamarak branches

Once again, I find myself awed by the variety and beauty in God's creation.

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