Coin Microscope: Various Lawn Close-Ups 2023-06-05 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

These photos were from a few weeks ago, when the birch buds were just opening:

birch bud exhibit A

birch bud exhibit B

birch bud exhibit C

These are young green birch catkins, shot today:

birch catkin exhibit A

birch catkin exhibit B

Some interesting photos of a dead leaf:

dead leaf exhibit A

dead leaf exhibit B

Various other photos, mostly taken today:

Chokecherry flower

fiddlehead leaf exhibit A

fiddlehead leaf exhibit B

grass (seeds?) exhibit A

grass (seeds?) exhibit B


(lichen?) on small rock

rhubarb leaf exhibit A

rhubarb leaf exhibit B

rhubarb leaf exhibit C

seed exhibit A

seed exhibit B

interesting birch twig

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