Finally Budding 2023-05-15 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

I felt like the trees took a really long time this year to release their leaves, though since this is the first spring I started watching for it, this may just be the "a watched pot never boils" effect. In any case, the leaves on the paper birch were definitely coming out yesterday:

Birch leaves budding exhibit A

Birch leaves budding exhibit B

Here is a wide-angle of the tree:

Birch leaves budding

And I took a more photos for the Rhubarb saga:

Rhubarb exhibit A

Rhubarb exhibit B

On Saturday, I visited my uncle's farm and I got a few pictures of the mountains and a striking birch tree.

Mountains from farm exhibit A

Mountains from farm exhibit B

Birch tree on farm

I believe those mountains are part of the Alaskan Range, but I'm unclear how far away they are. From my uncle's farm (about 20 miles east of Fairbanks) there are some mountains around 20 km to the south, and then there are the big mountains around 100 km to the south.

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