Early Morning Adventure 2023-05-12 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

I had a half-baked plan this morning to do some early-morning sunrise photography. Sunrise is now 4:38am and getting earlier each day, so I thought this might be my last practical opportunity. It sounded kind of boring to go back to my other photography spots, but I couldn't figure out from a map what might be another good spot, in view of the terrian and treelines in this area. I had one idea to try to head downtown and see if I might get some good shots against a skyline. One the way, I found a parking lot near the "Boatel" with a good view across the river.

Sunrise across Chena River

I decided to go ahead and do some exploring down town, since I had some time. Frankly, downtown Fairbanks is not an especially beautiful place, so I didn't come away with much from that. I was also a bit surprised at how many drunk people and thugs are out and about at 5am. But I got a few good shots.

toward the ice museum

twilight from the walking bridge

sunrise reflecting off the courthouse

Getting weary of town, I chose to spend the few remaining minutes along the Tanana River. Walking the path, I took a snapshot of these catkins:

catkins near Tanana River

At the river, it was interesting to discover that the river ice had broken up and washed up in big slabs all along the shore.

river ice slab

patterns on the ice

river photo

river photo

river photo

broken ice

river photo

It was a beautiful sunny morning.

river photo

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