Amateur Radio Log 2023-01-17 Mid-day (Fairbanks, AK, US)

It appeared as though the Kp-index was dropping down to quiet levels, so I went out again for another 20-meter lunch break adventure, again using Fire Station 42. When I reviewed the Kp-index again later, it looked like it might have spiked back up right as I was heading out, up to level 3.

I called out for a while on 14.246 and later on 14.250 but I did not get any responses.

At about 21:18 UTC I heard some phone traffic at 14.240, but the signal was not clear enough to copy. At 21:36, I picked up traffic on 14.237: It sounded like an Alaska net, but amidst the long rag-chewing I wasn't able to catch any callsigns.

At 21:47 UTC I heard VE7HH calling out for a while on 14.277. I tried to respond several times but he apparently couldn't hear me. According to QRZCQ, the address for that amateur is in Mackenzie, BC, Canada. If actually transmitting from Mackenzie, that would be about 1050 miles.

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