Amateur Radio Log 2023-01-16 Mid-day (Fairbanks, AK, US)

Tried working DX SSB again on 20-meter from Fire Station 42, during the lunck break (21:00-22:00 UTC). Could hear much though in the phone frequencies. Heard a digital signal down at 14.084.50 at around 21:17 UTC. I picked up a phone coversation also on 14.277 MHz at around 21:46 UTC. There was one strong station and some weaker stations, but I was not able to catch a callsign. I heard a few english words such as "propagation" but mostly it was a foreign language conversation. It sounded like french — one of those French pacific islands, perhaps?

I called out for around fifteen minutes total on 14.146 and 14.152 but didn't hear any responses.

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