Amateur Radio Log 2023-01-10 Mid-day (Fairbanks, AK, US)

During the lunch break (12:00 AKST) I was able to spend some time at the beginning of Yak road on Chena Ridge doing mobile radio. Radio was an ICOM IC-746PRO with a 3-foot 20-meter mag-mount antenna attached to the top of my SUV. I had tuned the antenna for 14.250 Mhz.

As far as receiving signals, I was able to hear clear USB phone signals at the following frequencies: 14.210, 14.237, 14.289, and briefly also 14.243.30. Unfortunately, despite listening to lots of rag-chewing, I was not able to catch anybody giving a call-sign or location.

I made contact with AL7AF at 14.246. I could also hear KL7EDK and KL1AZ on the same frequency, but they couldn't hear me. I suspect the issue was terrain blocking signal toward the east. I think this location has a good view toward the horizon (other than some trees) but not so good toward the east. I can see there are lots of good-looking spots for TX/RX on Chena Ridge, but so far most of them appear to be in the middle of the road, or in peoples' private driveways.

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