Notes from Pantheist (Secular) Astronomy (November 18 2022)

Webb creates more headache for Big Bang storytellers

Bright, early galaxies surprise astronomers

Biblical Creationists, naturally, were very quick to pick up on the obvious difference between what the Webb telescope is showing us and what we should expect to see based on the cosmic evolution myth. Pantheist (secular) astronomers are being forced to grapple with it as well, as the above article indicates.

The short version is that by looking very far away, back into the far distant past, the Webb telescope was supposed to show us the early universe in its primitive evolving form. But instead, the galaxies we are finding out there are just as amazing as the ones nearby. This is, of course, not a problem for Biblical Creationists, who believe that all of the heavens were created to be a glorious display of God's craftmanship (Psalm 19:1).

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