Star Log 2022-10-24 (Fairbanks, Alaska, US)

Stargazing is still a struggle with overcast skies every night. But the sky cleared up just enough late this morning that I could do a few minutes of stargazing right before clocking in for work. Once again, I only had my 4x30 binoculars on hand, which made it harder.

With the angles available at the time, I was able to spend a few minutes looking around the Pleides, Perseus, and Cassiopia. I tried to look around for the Double Cluster near Cassiopia but I didn't recognize it. I spent some time looking around the Big Dipper as well.

Something that stuck out to me this morning was Vega, off to the North: It seemed to me like it's color was sparkling brightly and dramatically, like some distant police car with the emergency lights all turned on. I thought I saw the color red and some other colors. Stellarium has it categorized as a "pulsating variable star, double star", so maybe that explains it. But perhaps there was also some effect from the atmosphere, being as it was fairly low on the horizon at the time. This was about 6:20am AKDT.

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